**ASK THE MECHANIC FOR FREE!! (A shop with a mobile mechanic service) (Dayton to cincy and Surrounding Areas)


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Do you need to talk to a mechanic? call me 937-901-1712

I have a shop and mobile mechanic service, auto & heavy truck. Free tips and Q&A.
I can tell you how to do a simple test to help zero in on the problem with your vehicle.
Far more times than not I can diagnose the problem over the phone.
Free estimates. 30 years experience. Fully licensed and insured and I warranty all my work.

Guys like to work on their own stuff it does save them money but not always. The tricky part for most guys is diagnosing the problem,
if you guess wrong you spend money on parts that you don’t need. Like the guy that replaces the battery because the alternator is bad and he doesn’t know it,,, embarrassing, yes, waste of money, you bet. So call me. Talk is free. I can tell you or show you how to do basic repairs yourself.

If you want me to come to your place to do some work I charge $100.00 for the service call which includes the drive and 1 hour of my time, past that it’s $100.00 an hour.
I’ll diagnose what’s wrong and make the repairs on the spot if I can. If there is more involved I’ll tell you how to fix it, what parts you need, and so on.
If it’s something you prefer me to handle, we’ll work up a detailed estimate so you can call around and compare mine to other shops.
In the shop, I charge a flat $100.00 an hour, but the billable time is set by the industry standards [ a program called ALLDATA ].
I’m not out to screw anybody. / if I was a thief I’d do it right I’d run for public office., there are cheaper guys out there but you get what you pay for. I have had to go behind some of them and fix their mistakes. so ask how long have they been a mechanic are they insured. [ I have a $1,000,000 liability bond }, are they licensed,? a bad mistake can cost thousands, and a bad mistake can cost lives!

By the way, scammers don’t put their real name, home address, or a picture of their face in their ad, they don’t want you to find them after they rip you off or have anything for the cops. . ..

If you need a service call I’ll show up in a big van with loads of tools and equipment And make the repairs in your driveway, backyard wherever.
I do emergency calls too, side of the road, flat tire, out of gas, name it. So save the cost of a tow, call me I’ll fix it where it falls.
If you E-mail me please include your phone number. I can’t type.

You can call me anytime. 937-901-1712
I’m on the clock from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm 7 days a week ./on the clock means sober.
My E-Mail is abcsturn@ yahoo.com.

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